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WWWG Meeting January 2018

Our first monthly meeting for 2018 was held on 25 January at Lee Valley in Waterloo. Paul was on his post as chairman as usual!

Our demonstrator for the evening was one of our members, Windekind Buteau-Duitschaever.

An excellent demo. We all have learned a lot from his experience:

The presentation revolved around chainsaws and their use for woodturners.. The presentation focused on log handling and bowl blank preparation, log handling tools, chainsaws, safety equipment and how to read a log in order to get a bowl or other turning blanks from it. Windekind brought in a variety of log handling tools; different size gas chainsaws, electric saw, different types of chain, and chain sharpening devises; safety equipment; and, log pieces. Thank you Windekind!

The show and tell table were packed with member's artwork! Please keep on turning it in!! It is inspirational!

Paul on his post!

Paul on his post!

Paul Newton on his post!

Windekind giving his demo on chainsaws.


The Show & Tell table. Items made by members and visitors:

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